Travel Nursing Jobs and Home Schooling

December 11th, 2014

Many RNs accept travel nursing jobs even though they have school aged children. In the United States, there are over 2 million children home schooled each year. There are several benefits to home schooling. (1) Home schooling builds family bonds. Parents and children get to spend quality time together during home schooling…hours that they would not have together if the children attended school outside of the home. (2) Home schooling allows for spiritual & cultural education. Prayers can be encouraged. The pledge of allegiance to the United States flag can open up of the day along with a prayer. (3) Home schooling allows for flexible learning. Normal school hours do not have to be followed at home. (4) The teacher to student ratio is exceptional, especially when compared to learning institutions outside the home. (5) There is a huge safety benefit. No need for security guards, police or metal detectors at home school. There are less personalities to contend with at home and home schooling eliminates exposure to drugs, alcohol and sexual situations that traditional schools tend to have creep into their buildings. (6) There are emotional benefits too. It has been proven that kids that feel safe experience optimized learning. No bullies to contend with at home school.
If you think home schooling might be an option for you and your children, the following link might be a good resource for you. There are resources in each state. State resources for home schooling

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Ebola – Awareness and Preparation

October 31st, 2014

Ebola in the USA is a growing concern for healthcare workers. Expedient Medstaff recognizes our obligation to provide education, awareness, and training pertaining to Ebola. Step 1: We will provide current and accurate information on Ebola. Step 2: We will provide on-going resources and information on Ebola. Step 3: We will offer nationally validated quizzing on the topic of Ebola. This quiz is available as of 10/31/14 for healthcare workers to self quiz themselves in a discreet way to gauge their retained knowledge on the subject.

Here are some helpful resources:

Ebola Virus Disease Screening for EMS

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

World Health Organization (WHO)

Ebola Preparedness: Hospital Check List

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A New Study About Your Resume

April 28th, 2014

We all know your resume is the key to open the door to the jobs you want. Understanding that a resume is typically scanned vs read and writing your resume to highlight your skills to the posted job will give you a compative advantage. Be mindful of dates…you should use the format of day, month, year vs month, year. Also be certain your employment dates don’t overlap. For example how can you be in texas from 2008-present when you were a traveling RN for 2 of those years? Here is some data of a new study conducted that is provided by Staffing Industry Analysts: A résumé is reviewed for less than five minutes before it is decided whether a job candidate proceeds to the next step in the hiring process, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s résumés, cover letters and interviews survey released today.

Additionally, 93 percent of respondents said inaccuracies in résumés either sometime (73 percent) or always (20 percent) negatively impacted their decision to extend a job interview.

When those surveyed were asked what gave candidates a positive edge over the competition, 66 percent said chronologically organized résumés, 43 percent said résumés in bulleted format, and 43 percent also said résumés tailored to a specific industry.

Additional findings include:


•76 percent of HR professionals said that job candidates should either include 8 to 10 years (38 percent) or all years (38 percent) of relevant job history.
•66 percent of organizations prefer chronological résumés, which list education and experience in reverse order.
•68 percent prefer to receive résumés through their organization’s website, followed by 14 percent who preferred email.
Cover letters:

•Employers with fewer than 500 employees (33 percent) are more likely to ask for a cover letter than organizations (17 percent) with more than 500 employees.
•The most important aspects of a cover letter are how the job candidate’s work experience meets the job requirements (51 percent), how the job candidate’s skills meet the job requirements (48 percent) and why the candidate wants to work at the organization (45 percent).

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Not All Travel Nursing Jobs Are Created Equally!

April 11th, 2014

Not all travel nursing jobs are created equally. This post is written inform you, the Travel Nurse, about the benefit offerings we have at Expedient Medstaff.

First, all benefits start with pay! We know you want to bring home the most money that you can while you are away working on a travel assignment. Being RN owned and RN operated, our pay packages are created with the RN in mind!

• Pay days are weekly…every Friday.
• Direct Deposit is available
• Tax Free Money / Travel Stipends. (If you don’t know much about this…please sign up to get our free report by clicking on the link : “Travel Nursing and Tax Free Money…What Every Travel Nurse Should Know
• Pay Packages are customizable to your needs
• Furnished Housing with generous utilities allowance


The following benefits are available:

Healthcare: United Health PPO available first day!
(This includes $15,000 in life insurance and pediatric vision and dental)

Dental: Delta Dental

Vision: NVA Vision

Elective: Unum
• Additional Life Insurance
• Short Term Disability
• Accidental Death and Dismemberment


Travelers are eligible first pay check to participate in our company sponsored 401k plan to build your retirement!


We are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year!
We have RNs on staff to help if there is ever a clinical issue

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Changes Proposed for the ACA.

April 4th, 2014

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the “Saving American Workers” Act, H.R. 2575, on Thursday. The legislation would repeal the 30-hour definition of full-time employment under the Affordable Care Act and change it to a 40-hour definition. It was approved by the House in a 248-179 vote.

However, the White House stated the president would veto the bill if it were presented to him. It also appears unlikely the bill could receive approval from the Senate; the Washington Post reported that this is the 55th time the House has voted to repeal or scale back parts of the ACA.

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The Perfect Storm

January 24th, 2013

The Great Recession caused a lot of registered nurses to come out of retirement. Depending on your source, that number will be between 200,000 and 300,000 Registered Nurses. Now going into the 5th year since the Recession started hitting, we are facing a perfect storm. Why? The nurses that came out of retirement will eventually go back into retirement. Secondly, there is the group of registered nurses working towards retirement. This will cause an artificially high number of registered nurses leaving the profession within a short time window. What do you think…are the hospitals prepared for the Perfect Storm?

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support: ON-LINE

January 9th, 2013

Looking for a local Advanced Cardiac Life Support class is getting easier. As technology penetrates healthcare, ACLS classes are now offered on-line for the healthcare provider. It is not suprising in this day and age that ACLS is now available on-line. If you think about it, it is not much different than obtaining a degree on-line. The material is good and the time is convenient. On-line classes are relatively the same cost as classroom instruction with a slight uptick in price for the convenience of getting it done according to the healthcare provider’s schedule. This added convenience is a nice security to prevent your ACLS provider card from expiring. There are several on-line ACLS providers to choose from. Here is the link to the AHA version.

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My Jobs – Designed by You, For you

December 26th, 2012

Please allow us to tell you about some exciting new technology that is changing what we like to call “Job Awareness”. The technology is called My Jobs. My Jobs scours literally thousands of open jobs and reports back on only the jobs you’ve indicated you want to hear about. My Jobs is a tactical way to stay informed about hot jobs that interest you without getting bogged down by jobs that don’t!

Whether you are interested in leadership & management positions, clinical bedside positions, out-patient & ambulatory jobs, per diem opportunities or want to venture out and do a travel assignment…you set your preferences and you will only be notified about the jobs that you have indicated you want to hear about.

Here is how it works:
You sign up and set your preferences in My Jobs. When a new job opens that matches the preferences you have set, you will receive a notification email regarding the job along with a job description.

The Advantage:
My Jobs will sort through the thousands of jobs, filter out the clutter and deliver only the jobs you want! You can quickly scan the information and make a decision without wasting time!

Plus, you will be notified immediately by email after a new job posts, so you can get ahead of the other candidates on the jobs you want!

Sign up Today by going to and click on the My Jobs Button in the Middle Right.

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The Tax Man Cometh!

January 9th, 2012

Tax season is just around the corner. Please note these interesting facts provided by Joseph Smith of Travel Tax. At traveling healthcare professionals should read this information.

***State Tax News

Professional practice licenses targeted more It all started in California-the practice of pulling a list of active professional practice licenses including nurses and physicians, and cross-referencing the list with state tax return filings. Any non-filer, regardless of whether they earned income in the state, was sent a letter asking for a tax return. If there was no reply within a certain period, a tax lien was filed based on the amount of income reported on the federal return. This practice is now extended to almost every state. We are encouraging clients to file what is known as “zero” returns in states in which they hold licenses, but do not have income. Since the “possibility” of earning income still exists, state tax agencies hungry for additional revenue are pursuing this.

New York no longer accepting federal extensions Most states will typically accept a federal filing extension in place of their own form. Only a few states require separate extension to be filed. New York is now among those requiring a separate extension.

***Other Tax News

Staffing firms under exam
As we mentioned in our last newsletter, there are over a dozen staffing firms under audit by the IRS. We may see some additional changes in the way agencies construct their tax residence statements. One possibility is that some may require proof of mortgage payments or rent for those travelers claiming to have a tax home. A problem that industries employing mobile professionals have had all along is the lack of consistency with screening traveler’s tax homes.

State residency Issues
We have mentioned in previous newsletters that state tax departments have become very aggressive in asserting residency on anybody remotely tied to a state. States are particularly targeting those who have moved to another state but have lingering ties to the former state. It is important to note that most states assume that your residency continues until you have not only established a residence in the new state AND shut the door behind you in regards to the former state. It’s not enough simply to move but it’s equally important to sever all ties to the former residence. Otherwise the former state of residence will have adequate justification to assert residency under their domestic laws spreading their tax net over your worldwide income.

Receiving per diem for housing while the company provides the housing One issue that is arising frequently in industries employing mobile professionals is when an employer or staffing agency provides the housing for the traveler AND pays lodging per diem, taking out their costs, and then paying the remainder the traveler tax free. This is not kosher in the eyes of the IRS. A per diem given to an employee as a reimbursement for lodging should be free of any employer involvement in the lodging cost. In other words, per diem is for the employee to use not the employer to dictate its use. When the employer is involved in the cost of lodging and pays a per diem or stipend in excess, the amount that exceeds the cost is taxable to the employee and subject to employment tax to the employer.

60/40 splits
Another issue that is common among staffing agencies is the practice of paying a blanket per diem or allowance without allocating a portion to meals. Under the regulations, when an allowance, stipend or per diem is less than the published rates, 60% of the payment is deemed to be for lodging and 40% for meals. Since meals are only 50% deductible to the individual and employer (absent rare exceptions), allowances cannot be held out as 100% deductible payments. An employee’s tax return is also required to reflect this allocation.

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3 Minute Job Application

August 11th, 2011

We often hear from healthcare professionals that they get tired of all the paper that accompanies a job application. Some loathe the paperwork so much, that the job just isn’t worth the time and effort to apply for it. To better serve the timed taxed healthcare professional, Expedient Medstaff is proud to roll out our new 3 minute application. Matt Cahillane, President of Expedient Medstaff, states “We time studied our application process. We carved out the information we need to gather to put talented health professionals in front of the jobs they seek. We’ve done that and in our beta testing, most applicants completed our application in about 2 minutes.” Getting considered for a top paying job with flexible schedules just got incredibly easier. To fill out a 3 minute application please click on Health Care Jobs Now!

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